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Danish-Club London

Danish-Club London


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In January 2018, the Danish Club and the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce merged to become the Danish-UK Association (DKUK) – a vibrant and flourishing space for all things business, friendship and cultural between the UK and Denmark. 

The DKUK is a ‘FORENING’ – a Danish word that best translates as ‘Association’ or ‘Fellowship’, meaning we are member-driven. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

The DKUK is built on the rich heritage of the Danish Club founded in 1863 and the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce founded in 1989. Together we are stronger and better resourced to be more relevant for future generations of members. 

Our mission is to further trade, friendship and cultural relations between the UK and Denmark and to be the lynchpin of the Anglo-Danish community in the UK, and to continuously develop these relations for the benefit of the whole membership.

We will soon be launching our new DKUK website. Until then you can continue to find out more about it all and join the Danish-UK Association on

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