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The Club's 150th Anniversary Gala

The Celebration was splendid, and we the committee as well as our members cant wait till the next big event of this sort. Keep an eye on our events calendar! See the pictures...
See the pictures...

Danes Worldwide - Scholarships for Online Danish Courses 2016-17

It is a pleasure for Danes Worldwide to announce the availability of 6 scholarships. Thanks to the generosity of sveral sponsors, the scholarships give us the opportunity to cover the fees for six studens and thus support children of Danish parents living outside Denmark.


In your application, please provide the following information:

- The student's interest in participating in the online programme - preferably written by the student in Danish.

- An outline of the family circumstances (number of siblings, any financial support from persons outside the immediate family such as grandparents or a parent not living with the family).

- Financial information - for example, the household budget with copies of tax assessments or earnings statements.

- The parents' statement as to why scholarship support is required (what amount is needed to enable him or her to enroll in the online programme?).

- Information about the family's ties to Denmark and its interest in having the child attend the online programme.

Danes Worldwide may divide one schcolarship among several recipients.


The scholarship covers the tuition fee for 2016-17 (a value of DKK 7,350 per student).

Not included: The cost of materials (approx. DKK 500 per student). If you receive a scholarship you need to sign up as a member of Danes Worldwide. The membership fee is DKK 650 per year per family.

How to apply

Download the application form at - Send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as a single PDF document.


Your application must be received by Danes Worldwide no later than on 1 May 2016. More information is available on - or call +45 3332 0913.