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'More than 50 thousand Danes have made London its home, and embraced the pace of this igniting city. One may be surprised with how many of those stand behind great international enterprises or endavours within a range of industries from manufacturing, financial or juridical services, hospitality, design, tech, or within entrepreneurship & educational fields to art dealing. Danish Club is a great platform for informal meetings between it's members.'

Wishing to attract members of all ages with a wide range of interests, a number of recurrent and special events within culture, traditional celebrations, business or political talks, launches and musical entertainment as well as annual 'dinner dance', are organised throughout the year with an opportunity to meet prominent Danes



danish club

The aim of the Danish Club is to maintain and enhance links with members of the Anglo-Danish community in the UK through social networking

As many of our members are British who, for business or personal reasons, have an interest in Anglo-Danish activities, the language of the Club is English.