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Mr & Mrs T attending their 3rd Club Centenary

Thanks to Her Majesty getting caught in London's Friday night rush hour allowing us all to enjoy the champagne far longer than intended my re-collection of the evening is , to be honest, something of a blur !
Mr & Mrs T attending their 3rd Club Centenary
However, Erik and I are still amused by our introduction by The Chairman as "Mr & Mrs T who are attending their 3rd Club Centenary" .  Her Majesty's eyes widend' and we both laughed as she looked at us and obviously thought " just how OLD are those people" and said "How extraordinary".  [proof in photo !!] 
The previous anniversary venues were far more traditional and ornate, The Intercontinental Hotel is a more modern , but more to the  point, affordable one and we and our 18 friends certainly enjoyed it all.
The food was delicious, the wines generous and the time just flew.  The formal speeches were both lighthearted and sincere, the Fleming Enevold Big Band entertainment was outstanding and the music terrific, not just for "the movers and shakers", all of us a bit past that could not keep away from the floor.  Having initially tried to conway friends wish for a "Gala Dinner" only I can only say :  how wrong we were...
Although we are pretty sure that we shall miss out on the next centenary-celebration , we do hope that this very successful one has re-ignited interest in the Club and its continued success and wellbeing in years to come.
/Birte Trautmann